Цоколевка разъемов - Цоколевка разъемов

Цоколевка разъемов

На нашем сайте Вы сможете найти распиновку, цоколевку следующих разъемов и много другое.

+4 User Port Connector

144 pin SO DIMM Connector

168 pin DRAM DIMM (Unbuffered) Connector

168 pin SDRAM DIMM (Unbuffered) Connector

3.5 mm Mono Telephone plug

3.5 mm Stereo Telephone plug

3.5″ Power Connector

30 pin SIMM Connector

3bl/7300 Video Connector

5.25″ Power Connector

6.25 mm Mono Telephone plug

6.25 mm Stereo Telephone plug

64NET Cable

72 pin ECC SIMM Connector

72 pin SIMM Connector

72 pin SO DIMM Connector

8″ Floppy Diskdrive Connector

9 to 15 pin VGA Cable

9 to 25 Serial Adapter

A1000 to Amiga Parallel Adapter

AT Backup Battery Connector

AT LED/Keylock Connector

AT&T 53D410 Connector

AT&T 6300 Keyboard Connector

AT&T 6300 Taxan Monitor Connector

AT&T PC6300 Connector

ATA (44) Internal Connector

ATA Internal Connector

AUI Connector

AWG Table

About Hardware Book

Active Filter: Bessel 12dB Highpass

Active Filter: Bessel 12dB Lowpass

Active Filter: Bessel 18dB Highpass

Active Filter: Bessel 18dB Lowpass

Active Filter: Bessel 24dB Highpass

Active Filter: Bessel 24dB Lowpass

Active Filter: Butterworth 12dB Highpass

Active Filter: Butterworth 12dB Lowpass

Active Filter: Butterworth 18dB Highpass

Active Filter: Butterworth 18dB Lowpass

Active Filter: Butterworth 24dB Highpass

Active Filter: Butterworth 24dB Lowpass

Active Filter: Butterworth 6dB Highpass

Active Filter: Butterworth 6dB Lowpass

Active Filter: Linkwitz 24dB Highpass

Active Filter: Linkwitz 24dB Lowpass

Adapter Menu

Adapter Tutorial

Amiga 1000 RF Monitor Connector

Amiga 1000 Ramex Connector

Amiga 1200 CPU-port Connector

Amiga 4 Joysticks Adapter

Amiga External Diskdrive Connector

Amiga Mouse/Joy Connector

Amiga Video Connector

Amiga Video Expansion Connector

Amiga to C1084 Monitor Cable

Amiga to SCART Cable

Amstrad CPC6128 Diskdrive 2 Connector

Amstrad CPC6128 Monitor Connector

Amstrad CPC6128 Plus External

Diskdrive Connector

Amstrad CPC6128 Plus Monitor Connector

Amstrad CPC6128 Printer Port Connector

Amstrad CPC6128 Stereo Connector

Amstrad CPC6128 Tape Connector

Amstrad Digital Joystick Connector

Atari 2600 Cartridge Connector

Atari 2600 Joystick Connector

Atari 5200 Cartridge Connector

Atari 5200 Expansion Connector

Atari 5200 Joystick Connector

Atari 7800 Cartridge Connector

Atari 7800 Expansion Connector

Atari 7800 Joystick Connector

Atari ACSI DMA Connector

Atari Cartridge Port Connector

Atari Enhanced Joystick Connector

Atari Floppy Port Connector

Atari Jaguar A/V Connector

Atari Mouse/Joy Connector

Atari ST Monitor Connector

C-bus II Connector

CI28 Expansion Bus Connector

C128 RGBI Connector

C128/C64C Video Connector

C128/C64C to CBM 1902A Monitor Cable

C128/C64C to SCART (S-Video) Cable

C16/+4 Expansion Bus Connector

C16/C116/+4 Audio/Video Connector

C16/C1167+4 Cassette Connector

CI6/C116/+4 Joystick Connector

C64 Audio/Video Connector

C64 Cartridge Expansion Connector

C64 Cassette Connector

C64 Centronics Printer Cable

C64 Control Port Connector

C64 Power Supply Connector

C64 RS232 User Port Connector

C64 Serial I/O Connector

C64 User Port Connector

C65 Video Connector

CBM 1902A Connector

CD32 Expansion-port Connector

CDTV Diagnostic Slot Connector

CDTV Expansion Slot Connector

CDTV Memory Card Connector

CDTV Video Slot Connector

CGA Connector

CM-8/CoCo RGB Connector

Cable Menu

Cable Tutorial

CardBus Connector

Centronics Connector

Centronics to LapLink Adapter

Circuit Menu

Circuit Tutorial

Cisco Console (25) Cable

Cisco Console (9) Cable

Cisco Console Port Connector

CoCo Cassette Connector

CoCo Serial Printer Connector

Commodore 1084 & 1084S (Analog) Connector

Commodore 1084 & 1084S (Digital) Connector

Commodore 1084d & 1084dS Connector

CompactFlash Connector

CompactPCI (Tech) Connector

CompactPCI Connector

Connector Menu

Connector Top 10 Menu

Connector Tutorial

Conrad Electronics MM3610D (25) Cable

Conrad Electronics MM3610D (9) Cable

Conrad Electronics MM3610D Connector

Contacting the author HwB

DEC DLV11-J Serial Connector

DEC Dual RS-232 Connector

DIN Audio Connector

DIN to Mini-DIN Keyboard Adapter

Defintion: DTE & DCE

Download Menu

ECP Parallel (Tech) Connector

ECP Parallel Connector

EGA Connector

EISA (Tech) Connector

EISA Connector

ESDI Cable

ESDI Connector

Ethernet 10/100Base-T Connector

Ethernet 10/100Base-T Crossover Cable

Ethernet 10/100Base-T Straight Thru Cable

Ethernet 100Base-T4 Connector

Ethernet 100Base-T4 Crossover Cable

Floppy Cable

GEOCable Cable

GameBoy Cartridge Connector

GeekPort Connector

HwB-News Menu

IDE Cable

IDE Internal Connector

ISA (Tech) Connector

ISA Connector

IndustrialPCI Connector

Internal Diskdrive Connector

Keyboard (5 Amiga) Connector

Keyboard (5 PC) Connector

Keyboard (6 Amiga) Connector

Keyboard (6 PC) Connector

Keyboard (Amiga CD32) Connector

Keyboard (XT) Connector

LapLink/InterLink Parallel Cable

MDA (Hercules) Connector

MIDI Cable MIDI In Connector

MIDI Out Connector

MSX Cassette Connector

MSX Expansion Connector

MSX External Diskdrive Connector

MSX Joystick Connector

MSX Parallel Connector

Mac to C64 Nullmodem Cable

Mac to HP48 Cable

Macintosh External Drive Connector

Macintosh Keyboard Connector

Macintosh Modem (With DTR) Cable

Macintosh Modem (Without DTR) Cable

Macintosh Mouse Connector

Macintosh RS-422 Connector

Macintosh Serial Connector

Macintosh Video Connector

Macintosh Video to VGA Adapter

Mini-DIN to DIN Keyboard Adapter

Miniature Card (Tech) Connector

Miniature Card Connector

Minuteman UPS Connector Misc Menu

Misc Unsupported Cables

Mitsumi CD-ROM Connector

Modem (25-25) Cable

Modem (9-15) Cable

Modem (9-25) Cable

Motherboard CPU Cooling fan Connector

Motherboard IrDA Connector

Motherboard Power Connector

Mouse (PS/2) Connector

NeoGeo Audio/Video Connector

NeoGeo Joystick Connector

NeoGeo to SCART Cable

Novell and Procomp External SCSI Connector

NuBus 90 Connector

NuBus Connector

Nullmodem (25-25) Cable

Nullmodem (9-25) Cable

Nullmodem (9-9) Cable

Nullmodem Adapter

PC 2 Joysticks Adapter

PC Card ATA Connector

PC Card Connector

PC Gameport Connector

PC Gameport+MIDI Connector

PC Speaker Connector

PC-Engine Cartridge Connector

PC/104 Connector

PCI (Tech) Connector

PCI Connector

PCMCIA Connector

PGA Connector

PS/2 Keyboard (Gateway) Y Adapter

PS/2 Keyboard (IBM Thinkpad) Y Adapter

PS/2 to Serial Mouse Adapter

Panasonic CD-ROM Connector

ParNet Parallel Cable

ParaLoad Cable

Parallel (Amiga 1000) Connector

Parallel (Amiga) Connector

Parallel (Olivetti M10) Connector

Parallel (PC) Connector

Parallel Port Loopback (Checklt)

Parallel Port Loopback (Norton)

Paravision SX-1 External IDE Connector

Paravision SX1 to IDE Cable

PlayStation A/V Connector Printer Cable

RS232 Connector

RS422 Connector

RocketPort Serial (25) Cable

RocketPort Serialport Connector

S-Video Connector

SCART Connector

SCSI Cable (Amiga/Mac)

SCSI Cable (D-Sub to Hi D-Sub)

SCSI External Centronics 50 (Differential) Connector

SCSI External Centronics 50 (Single-ended) Connector

SCSI External D-Sub (Future Domain) Connector

SCSI External D-Sub (PC/Amiga/Mac) Connector

SCSI Information

SCSI Internal (Differential) Connector

SCSI Internal (Single-ended) Connector

SCSI-II External Hi D-Sub (Differential) Connector

SCSI-II External Hi D-Sub (Single-ended) Connector

SGI Mouse (Model 021-0004-002) Connector

SI Prefixes Table

SNES Cartridge Connector

SNES Video Connector

SSFDC Connector

ST506/412 Cable

ST506/412 Connector

Serial (15) Connector

Serial (Amiga 1000) Connector

Serial (Amiga) Connector

Serial (MSX) Connector

Serial (PC 25) Connector

Serial (PC 9) Connector

Serial (Printer) Connector

Serial Port Loopback (25 Checklt)

Serial Port Loopback (25 Norton)

Serial Port Loopback (9 Checklt)

Serial Port Loopback (9 Norton)

Serial Printer (25-25) Cable

Serial Printer (9-25) Cable

Serial to PS/2 Mouse Adapter

SmallPCI Connector

SmartCard AFNOR Connector

SmartCard ISO 7816-2 Connector

SmartCard ISO Connector

Sony CD-ROM Connector

Spectravideo SVI318/328 Audio/Video Connector

Spectravideo SVI318/328 Cassette Connector

Spectravideo SVI318/328 Expansion Bus Connector

Spectravideo SVI318/328 Game Cartridge Connector

Sun Video Connector TG-16 Cartridge Connector Table Menu

The Hardware Book (PDF) Turbo LED Connector

Two-Wire Modem (25-25) Cable

Two-Wire Modem (9-25) Cable Unibus Connector

Universal Serial Bus (USB) (Tech) Connector

Universal Serial Bus (USB) Connector

VESA Feature Connector

VESA LocalBus (VLB) (Tech) Connector

VESA LocalBus (VLB) Connector

VGA (15) Connector

VGA (9) Connector

VGA (VESA DDC) Connector

Vic 20 Memory Expansion Connector

Vic 20 Video Connector

Video to TV SCART Cable


X1541 Cable

ZX Spectrum 128 RGB Connector

ZX Spectrum AY-3-8912 Connector

ZX Spectrum ULA Connector

Zorro II Connector

Zorro n/III Connector